Plug and play for industrial automation

More revenue with machine data

Dynamic Components offers SensorLink, a solution for acquisition and monitoring of data from machines and automation systems. Operators of automation systems use SensorLink to quickly retrofit sensors to any type of machine. The additional data acquired help operators to optimize their processes. The German railway operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) uses SensorLink to enable predictive maintenance of their assets: relevant parameters are permantly monitored and forwarded to a central database for analysis.

Evaluation of machine data

The implementation of SensorLink is easy, because in contrast of classical solutions the system adapts to new requirements autonomously (like adding sonsors / machines). The basis for this is a unique plug & play approach. Through the evaluation and visualization of data in the cloud or on customers’ servers, data can be displayed and analyzed. So it is possible to meassure and optimize key figures like energy consumption or flow-rate.

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