Predictive maintenance
for elevators and escalators

DYNAMIC COMPONENTS digitizes conveyor systems by retrofitting hardware and software, enabling condition-based and predictive maintenance. Our ZIFA technology covers all required components: from the sensor to the cloud – from generation of the data at the asset to trend analysis and visualization in the cloud. This means you are always aware of the condition of your assets and maintenance only must be done when it is necessary. The saved costs can be shared between operators and maintenance companies. This way, all parties benefit.


years of development went into the core technology.


elevator rides have been documented with ZIFA so far.


measuring points per second can be obtained.

If you are an operator, you benefit from higher availability – as a maintenance company, you enable it.


Increase availability

Conveying systems that are out-of-order are a guarantee for dissatisfied customers. This holds for airports and train stations, office buildings and department stores, and possibly also for you. Downtimes are caused by mechanical wear and unexpected stress. The technology of Dynamic Components arms you for both: the wear is detected by trend analyses of certain metrics. Foreseeing unexpected stress is impossible, however, automating the process of error reporting is not. Use this knowledge to maximize the availability and profitability of your assets.


Analyze failures

No system is perfect. Should your conveyor system go out of service, not only a quick repair is important, but also a thorough follow-up of the incident to avoid repetition. ZIFA enables you to accurately analyse unexpected stress retroactively, even across several weeks. We not only provide condition monitoring, but also a whole "flight data recorder" for elevators and escalators.


Receive status updates

It is becoming increasingly important to receive information in real time. Only a sufficient informational base enables precise and targeted decisions. Dynamic Components' technology provides you with the necessary foundation for these mission-critical decisions. For example, you will be notified on your mobile phone or by e-mail if an asset has come to a standstill, or if the trend analysis shows that it is likely that the asset might go out of service soon.

ZIFA is suitable for every asset – and is based on relevant standards.

Manufacturer independent

ZIFA is compatible with conveyor systems of all manufacturers and of any age, because it does not depend on data from the control unit - all data is acquired using the sensors supplied. Thus, ZIFA also suits the most diverse asset portfolios.


Easily retrofitable

You want to make your conveying system intelligent? No problem with ZIFA: installation is carried out without mechanical changes and in the course of regular maintenance. Once the system is supplied with electricity, it will automatically power up and connect to our cloud or your servers. Congratulations, your system is now online!


Elevator ride quality

In addition to evaluations that characterize the wear of the system, ZIFA also carries out an analysis of ride comfort of elevators. These evaluations are based on the ISO 18738 standardized metrics on the ride comfort of elevators.


Our technical experts

  • Dr. Michael Geisinger

    Graduate computer scientist, doctor title in the field of industrial automation

  • Dr. Hauke Stähle

    Graduate engineer, Information and Communication Technology

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